Superfood Creamed Honey Trio

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  • Supercharge with this trio of Infused Superfood Creamed Honey which includes Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper, Organic Ginger, and Organic Lemon. All Rich in Nutrients and Beneficial Enzymes. Full 6 oz. jars in the pack.


  • Small Batch Handcrafted and Unprocessed:  Creamed honeys start with 100% Raw New York State wildflower honey then infused with some of mother earth's finest botanicals.  - It's the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry for creating amazing snacks and meals or just enjoy off the spoon.  So easy to spread on any food you enjoy.


  • Makes a wonderful gift for the honey lover and foodie who likes to experiment with flavors.

Q. What is Creamed Honey?

A. Through a simple process we encourage our honey to crystalize and create this amazing "creamy" smooth taste sensation. Now you can enjoy all the taste of honey without the drips.  Some beekeepers refer to this type of honey as whipped, buttered, or spun.