Organic Matcha Honey


6 oz or 12oz  of 100% Creamed Raw New York Honey and Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea.

A smooth creamy honey with the fresh flavor of matcha.

Q. What is Creamed Honey?

A. Through a simple process we encourage our honey to crystalize and create this amazing "creamy" smooth taste sensation. Now you can enjoy all the taste of honey without the drips.  Some beekeepers refer to this type of honey as whipped, buttered, or spun. 

SUGGESTED USE: A healthy way to sweeten tea and smoothies.

BEE SMART: Worker bees are all females, and the males are known as drones. The drone bees do not have a stinger, don't know how to feed themselves and are only responsible for reproducing with the Queen. In the Fall the drones are all kicked out of the hive as preparation begins for the winter months.