Our passion to save the bees began in our backyard

Read our story and find out how our kids, chickens and a puppy turned into the sweetest journey as we discovered the world of bees and beekeeping. 

We care about our bees and donate a percentage of sales to help save the bees.



Our most bee-loved best sellers that our customers cannot get enough of. Bee-ware, some of these items are seasonal and sell out quickly and we will not get them back in until the next season.
Pure Raw Regional and hard to find delicious Monofloral Honey from around the USA. HoneyComb, Honey Sticks, and our latest taste sensation Creamed Infused Honey. Hand filled in small seasonal batches.
Honey Goods & Gifts
Bee Pollen, Honey Infused Candy and Chocolates, Gift Baskets to suit all budgets and an array of BEEautiful Home Goods. Sometimes we even have Dog Treats (they sell out faster then we can make them).
Beeswax Products
Pure beeswax bars, candles (that are almost to beautiful to burn), and also our very own hand crafted food wraps.
Our HoneyGramz bear contain 2oz of raw, pure local honey. Choose from over a 100 sweet or sassy greetings or have one custom made. Santa HoneyGramz - the perfect stocking stuffer!
Mee Beauty
Our skincare line was specially formulated by us using natural and organic ingredients along with 100% Pure Honey in every product.


I love your pumpkin honey!

Barbara GNew York

Bought one for me and my sister...love it. (Ginger Honey)

Lidieth GCalifornia

Really enjoyed it (Ginger Honey). The turmeric honey is good also. Used the ginger honey in my coleslaw vinaigrette instead of sugar and its to die for.

Midgett TNew Jersey