Organic Cinnamon Honey


6 oz or 12 oz of creamed raw New York honey infused with organic Ceylon Cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon gives this honey a delicious spicy flavor that our customers love. This creamed honey is so easy to spread on a crisp apple with a sprinkle of granola to make a quick and easy "apple pie" snack.

Q. What is Creamed Honey?

A. Through a simple process we encourage our honey to crystalize and create this amazing "creamy" smooth taste sensation. Now you can enjoy all the taste of honey without the drips.  Some beekeepers refer to this type of honey as whipped, buttered, or spun. 

SUGGESTED USE: Spread on fruit, sweeten tea, coffee or smoothies or drizzle over anything that needs a little warm flavor.

BEE SMART: Did you know that honeybees have 4 wings?