About Us


Ruth Harrigan has been a NYC beekeeper for over 10 years with a mission to help save the bees by advocating and teaching the importance of pollination.  Without bees, we would not enjoy nature’s bounty of fruits and vegetables. 

For Ruth, it all began when her daughter begged for a dog for her birthday, but instead, she got her 3 chickens!  While scouring the internet for help in raising chickens Ruth stumbled upon a petition to legalize beekeeping in NYC.  This piqued her interest so much that she didn’t hesitate to add her signature and sign up for a beekeeping course.  Timing was perfect as the ban was lifted just as Ruth completed the course in March 2010.

Prior to pursuing beekeeping full time, Ruth worked in finance for 20 years until she was laid off in 2012.  She had also taught kids’ yoga on weekends. It was the kindness of 2 yoga students, Caitlyn and Jillian, who gave Ruth a gift that inspired her to launch her company.  To reciprocate with an untraditional thank you card, Ruth filled a baby bear bottle with honey adorned with a label “Thank You Beary Much Honey” on its belly.  The girls loved them!

More labels were created for different occasions, “Happy Birthday Honey”, “Get Well Soon Honey”, “Merry Christmas Honey”, etc.  Ruth had an epiphany one day when a row of these baby bears stared back at her on her sideboard.  HoneyGramz was born.  Now with more than 150 different messages, it’s the perfect "Sweet Edible Greeting!”

Around the same time, Ruth’s passion for natural beauty products sparked an interest in developing a beauty line as well.  Mee Beauty products are made with pollinator friendly ingredients and honey.  She donates a percentage of sales to help save the bees.

Like a busy bee, Ruth buzzes around town in her car with “NYC BEES” vanity plates.  Give her a BEE(P) BEE(P) as she makes a beeline from Queens to points around the 5 boroughs!

Permaculture is what Ruth strives for.  She’s an avid but lazy gardener as she believes plants thrive better when left alone.  (Same approach is used on her children!)  Heirloom organic seeds, composting, and rain barrels are essential in her garden. Pets with benefits reward the family with fresh eggs and honey are an added bonus. 

Ruth warns that next time your child begs for a dog…you never know where it might lead.
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