Tea for Two Honey

  • $5.00

Looking for a sweet and playful addition to your morning tea routine? Look no further than Tea for Two Honey! This honey not only adds a touch of sweetness to your cup, but it's also the perfect companion for a cozy morning with a friend. Say goodbye to boring breakfasts and hello to a buzz of fun with Tea for Two Honey!

2 oz of 100% raw and pure honey

the buzz from our customers

our mission

My beekeeping journey began over 12 years ago with my oldest daughter begging for a dog, which led us to getting baby chickens instead,  then honey bees were added to our urban backyard farm and the rest is history.  

We're urban NYC beekeepers with a mission to help save the bees and other pollinators. Bees have been declining at an alarming rate which can impact the global food supply as bees are essential in pollination.  

Our honey is pure and raw and sourced from either our own local hives or small apiaries, like us, from around the country.  We believe in sustainable beekeeping, supporting small local beekeepers who in turn work with small local family farms to help pollinate their crops and bring you real, delicious honey.


Ruth (Queen Bee)

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