Morpho Godarti Brooch Pin

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Trovelore is a treasure trove of exquisite hand embroidery techniques from many cultures and generations. Their brooch pins are handmade and have been made with integrity and kindness.

The "blue morpho" butterfly, specifically Morpho godarti, challenges its name as many females aren't blue.  To deter predators, the vivid blue upper wings contrast with brown undersides resembling foliage.  Eyespots, and odorous gland , and a "flashing" defense add layers to its survival toolkit.  Diurnal and UV-sensitive, these enchanting butterflies display a mesmerizing disappearing act in the sunlight, making them a remarkable spectacle in the Amazon jungle.

Slight variation in embroidery, size, shape and color is part of the handmade craft and may be apparent between pieces; this is not considered a defect but is celebrated as a mark of made by hand.

Handmade in India

Size: 4.4 cm l x 5.3 cm w, 1.7" l x 2.1" w

Material : Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered

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My beekeeping journey began over 12 years ago with my oldest daughter begging for a dog, which led us to getting baby chickens instead,  then honey bees were added to our urban backyard farm and the rest is history.  

We're urban NYC beekeepers with a mission to help save the bees and other pollinators. Bees have been declining at an alarming rate which can impact the global food supply as bees are essential in pollination.  

Our honey is pure and raw and sourced from either our own local hives or small apiaries, like us, from around the country.  We believe in sustainable beekeeping, supporting small local beekeepers who in turn work with small local family farms to help pollinate their crops and bring you real, delicious honey.


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