Blackberry Honey

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8 oz of 100% raw and pure Blackberry Honey from Oregon

Throughout the pacific northwest wild blackberrys grow in abundance and flower in the spring creating an opportunity for the bees to feast. The honey they produce is a light amber color with a smooth, rich, creamy sweetness and just a hint of the berry flavor.

Like all monofloral (varietal) honeys, it is created from the nectar the bees collect from the blackberry bloom, so it has just an undertone of this delicious fruit, and is sought after by honey lovers.

SUGGESTED USE: Always delicious on the breakfast table, especially when combined with ricotta on toast, plain greek yogurt or to sweeten a fruit salad. On an entertainment platter we like to pair with goat cheese or a white cheddar.

BEE SMART: Honey Bees buzz because they are beating their wings 200 times per second.