Bee Gentle Baby Body Wash-Shampoo

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Pamper the little adorable angel in your life with bee gentle baby body wash & shampoo. All of our products are made with organic and all-natural ingredients creating products that are 98% all-natural.

Baby mee™ body wash & shampoo is 70% organic and made from organic aloe vera, pure honey and organic chamomile flower extract. Baby mee's™ bath products will leave your little one's skin feeling soft and smooth. Our pump top makes dispensing easy and convenient. And our low sudsing formula will wash out of hair easily for hassle free bathing. 100% fragrance free, this baby lotion contains no phthalates, petrochemicals or parabens. 

With all Mee Beauty products you are getting natural honey in every product. We are beekeepers and use our own honey or honey we source locally in all of our products we never purchase honey from honey brokers or from overseas. For our baby products all honey is heated and tested to prevent contamination from microbes such as Clostridium botulinum.  Parents of babies 1 year old or less please see safety information below.

Why we use NATURAL HONEY? Honey contains vitamins, minerals, is antibacterial, acts as a humectant (attracts moisture), and has incredible healing properties. Due to these many characteristics skin and hair are actually nourished and enriched by honey. It is the perfect ingredient for a natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.

Why we use CHAMOMILE EXTRACT? Chamomile is relaxing, cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory, and adds sheen to hair.

Why we use CALENDULA EXTRACT? Calendula has long been noted for its anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula combats rough, scaly and dry skin perfect for washing a baby's skin.

Why we use ORGANIC ALOE LEAF JUICE? It contains 32 vitamins and minerals, 75 nutrients and hundreds of active enzymes. It soothes and moisturizes an itchy scalp and is perfect for a baby shampoo and baby body wash. The alkaline in aloe vera juice balances the pH level of the hair, which promotes healthy new growth and is wonderful for an all natural kids shampoo. Aloe vera juice also is a good conditioning agent and adds shine to the hair.

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our mission

My beekeeping journey began over 12 years ago with my oldest daughter begging for a dog, which led us to getting baby chickens instead,  then honey bees were added to our urban backyard farm and the rest is history.  

We're urban NYC beekeepers with a mission to help save the bees and other pollinators. Bees have been declining at an alarming rate which can impact the global food supply as bees are essential in pollination.  

Our honey is pure and raw and sourced from either our own local hives or small apiaries, like us, from around the country.  We believe in sustainable beekeeping, supporting small local beekeepers who in turn work with small local family farms to help pollinate their crops and bring you real, delicious honey.


Ruth (Queen Bee)

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