Meadowfoam Honey


8 oz or 16oz of 100% raw and pure Meadowfoam Honey from Oregon

One of the most unique honeys produced in the USA.  With a deep aroma of vanilla, and the taste of toasted marshmallows, it defies the imagination of many who try it and invites you to eat by the spoonful.

Meadowfoam is a small plant with a white flower and is a native species in Oregon. Today Meadowfoam is grown primarily for oil production used by the cosmetic industry. When in bloom it is like a white carpet has covered the landscape, and the bees find the flowers irresistible. 

SUGGESTED USES: Adds a special touch to herbal teas and coffee, jazz up your oatmeal, pair it with some sharp cheddar or create a Smores Sunday by drizzling over chocolate ice cream.

BEE SMART: In a year a healthy bee hive can collect between 50-60 pounds of honey.