Texas Killer Bee Honey


8 oz and 1 pound of 100% raw and Pure Wildflower Honey from Texas made by killer bees.

This honey produced by the Killer Bees is a medium amber color and is incredibly rich and smooth. It is simply a delicious honey.

Killer Bees or Africanized Bees were created in an experiment in Brazil in the late 1950's by hybridizing European Honey Bees with African Bees. As it so often happens with these experiments, after discovering the new hybrids were extremely aggressive - they escaped! Now decades later they have made their way through South America and into the southern states of the USA.

SUGGESTED USE: This rich honey is delicious, whether on yogurt, toast, muffins. We always include it on our cheese platters when company is over, because who doesn't want to take a walk on the wild side.

BEE SMART: A single killer bee is no deadlier than any other honeybee and they are in fact smaller than other honeybees, have shorter wings and carry less venom. However when they feel threatened they attack en masse.