Pumpkin Honey


8 oz of 100% raw and pure Pumpkin Honey from Oregon.

This amazing and hard to find honey DOES NOT TASTE LIKE PUMPKIN!

Bees love the huge yellow blooms found in a pumpkin patch, and the nectar they collect creates an incredible light to medium amber honey with a delicate sweetness and just a hint of herbal spice.

Pumpkin Honey is one of the rarest of honeys so it is coveted by honey lovers.  This honey is often scooped up by craft brewers and mead makers.

SUGGESTED USE: It is a chef's delight whether cooking, baking, or making marinades and dressings.  For Thanksgiving it creates a delicious honey butter for cornbread and sweet potatoes, and it goes without saying an absolute must as an ingredient in pumpkin pies (topped with honey whipped cream). 

BEE SMART: Mead is created by using fermented honey.  It is considered by many to be the oldest alcoholic beverage, and was popular with Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike.