Organic Elderberry Honey

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6 oz or 12 oz of 100% Pure and Raw Creamed New York Honey Infused with Organic Elderberry.

A Superfood Powerhouse in a jar! Elderberry is a fruit from the Sambucus shrub. It has been revered for centuries by the Egyptians as a healing fruit and also used by Hippocrates, Greek father of medicine, in his health remedies.

The combination of the slight tangy taste of Elderberry and the sweetness of honey produces a diffused balanced flavor to create a smooth palatable taste.

Our Creamed Elderberry Honey is crafted in small batches by us, the beekeepers.

Q. What is Creamed Honey?

A. Through a simple process we encourage our honey to crystalize and create this amazing "creamy" smooth taste sensation. Now you can enjoy all the taste of honey without the drips.  Some beekeepers refer to this type of honey as whipped, buttered, or spun. 

Honey does not need to be refrigerated but to keep our Creamed Honey's "creaminess" we suggest storing it in the refrigerator during warm weather.

SUGGESTED USE: Add to a healthy açai bowl, smoothies, marinades, or salad dressings.