Lavender Blossom Honey


8.8 oz of 100% raw and pure lavender blossom honey from France

From Luberon, in the heart of Provence, the honey bees feed on French lavender flowers to create this taste sensation. The honey is extracted cold to maintain its unique flavor and keep it nutrient rich. It is a light (almost white) amber and is silky smooth both in aroma and a flavor.

This honey makes a lovely gift for the lavender lover and can be paired with the Lavender Honey Drops, candy with a drop of this honey in each center

SUGGESTED USE: Drizzled over vanilla ice cream, scones and as a sweetener for tea, especially Earl Grey. The gourmet in you might also want to use it as a glaze for both pork and poultry.

BEE SMART: All worker bees are female.