Buckwheat Honey


8oz and 1 Pound of 100% pure and raw Buckwheat Honey from Pennsylvania.

Buckwheat Honey is made from the nectar of the tiny white blossoms on the buckwheat plant (the Buckwheat plant is not related to wheat grass and is gluten free). Our Buckwheat comes from Pennsylvania and is one of the heartiest and robust honeys in the U.S. with an almost molasses flavor. This strong flavor lends itself to being used as a replacement in receipes for brown sugar or as a glaze for fish and pork.

Buckwheat Honey is very dark and has higher levels of antioxidants than other honeys. It was shown to be an effective cough soother in a research project completed by Penn State College of Medicine.

Check out our blog for more information on Buckwheat Honey vs OTC cough medicine.

SUGGESTED USE: Not only is it medicinal to help sooth your coughs, we love to use Buckwheat Honey as a glaze on salmon, chicken wings, pulled pork and ribs.

BEE SMART: A honey bee can visit up to 100 flowers before returning to the hive.