Brazilian Organic Honey


4oz of 100% raw, pure, and USDA certified organic honey from Brazil.

Aroeira (Pink Pepper Blossom) - This 4oz jar of dark colored, brownish-red honey has a flavor undertone of nutmeg with a hint of marshmallows. It makes a great sweetner for chai and hot chocolate, but our favorite way to eat is to drizzled on blue and pecorino cheeses. Aroeira won BEST NEW HONEY OF THE YEAR 2019 at the sofi™ Awards!

Marmeleiro Blossom Honey (Brazilian Quince) - This 4oz jar of golden yellow honey has a slight citrus taste making it perfect to pair with ricotta, cottage and brie cheeses.

Silvestre Honey (Brazilian Rainforest Wildflower) - This 4oz jar or dark reddish honey has a citrusy herbal taste.  We love it with green tea and also with both goat and manchego cheeses.