Lavender Gift Box


The perfect gift box for those who love the soothing sweet herbal scent of lavender. 

Included is 8.8 oz of 100% raw and pure Lavender Blossom Honey from the heart of Provence, France.  The honey bees feed on French lavender flowers to create this taste sensation. The honey is extracted cold to maintain its unique flavor and keep it nutrient rich. Delicate light amber hue with a silky smooth aroma and flavor. 

A jar of Lavender Honey Drops is a delightful sweet treat. Each hard candy is filled with the liquid lavender honey from Provence.  Once you bite into these candies, the center explodes with lavender honey! 

A Lavender Aromatherapy Votive Candle 100% pure beeswax blended with the essential oil of Lavender, eco-friendly dyes, and all natural lead-free cotton wick.  The perfect way to to relax and unwind. (1.75"x2", Burn Time 15 hours)