Bee Merry Gift Set

$18.00 $20.00

6 oz of Pumpkin Spice Honey and Candy Cane Honey. Each jar contains delicious 100% pure and raw Creamed New York Honey. Pumpkin Spice is an aromatic belnd of Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Nutmeg, and Organic Clove. The Candy Cane Honey is infused with Organic Peppermint. This pair makes a perfect holiday gift.

Crafted in small batches by us, the beekeepers. This gift set is boxed and makes a perfect present for the holiday season. However once we sell out it will not be available again until next year so stock up now!

SUGGESTED USE: Fun to add to egg nog, hot toddys, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.  Bee creative and make your holiday cocktails festive! 

BEE SMART: Did you know that in the winter all the Drone (male) Honey Bees are kicked out of the hive by the Worker Bees.  In the spring new Drones will hatch to mate with the Queen Bee.